Old Site

Screen shot (all that’s left) of the old joehesketh.com


My old About section (from 2011) no longer accurately describes me but used to read:

Joe Hesketh has had a lifelong fascination with being underwater. From enjoying snorkelling and messing about underwater as a child, he later took up scuba diving, learning to dive in the demanding, yet rewarding, waters off the coast of the UK.

Although enjoying all forms of the sport, including diving reefs and wrecks, it is diving in flooded underwater caves that now give Joe the most reward and enjoyment in his diving. Beginning his cave diving education in 2005 in the beautiful systems of México’s Yucatan Peninsula, Joe has since completed both the level 1 and 2 cave training with Global Underwater Explorers (GUE), and gone on to dive many of the famous cave systems in México, Florida and various regions in southern France. He has also recently started sump diving in the UK, combining dry caving (known to some as potholing) with cave diving, in conditions often somewhat less picturesque than the clear water systems found abroad.

Joe started this website to share and talk about some of his diving videos. Some of his earlier attempts can also be seen here but, more recently, Joe has been taking advantage of the HDSLR film-making revolution and exploiting underwater the capabilities of these remarkable cameras, as a growing number of amateur film makers are already doing above-water.